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How to Verify a Professional's License in Paterson?

The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs maintains 51 Professional and Occupational Boards and Committees which grant licenses to eligible professionals in Paterson. Before hiring any professional in the City, ensure that such an individual or business holds a license relating to the service you require. Note that some professionals, such as home improvement contractors, may only require registration with the relevant board. You can verify a professional's license or registration online with the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs.

Similarly, if the service you're hiring for is construction related, you should also ensure that all relevant permits are obtained from the City's Division of Community Improvements. It is advisable to contact the division to inquire about and obtain the permits before commencing a construction project in the City. You can do so by calling (973) 321-1232 or by visiting

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Do Paterson Neighborhood Councils
Issue Permits?

Paterson City is made up of six wards and each ward has an elected representative on the City Council. The functions of the City Council includes appointing key city officials, setting the city's budget and priorities, and enacting city laws. While it does not issue construction permits, the Council has the power to pursue grants and direct citywide public projects. Notably, in July 2021, the City clinched a grant, the use of which was subsequently approved by the Council for the supplementation of the funds needed to rennovate the 5th Ward's Roberto Clemente Park. Once completed, the Roberto Clemente Park would be home to the City's second ADA-inclusive playground. Likewise, Paterson was awarded an $18.4 million grant for the ongoing Hope VI project, which includes constructing apartments to improve housing. You can determine your ward of residence by using the Paterson Ward Boundaries Map.

How Do You File an Unfair Business
Complaint in Paterson?

Residents of Paterson City can file unfair business complaints against professionals with the Bergen-Passaic Division of Consumer Affairs. Interested parties can do so by completing a Complaint Form and submitting it to this Division, either by mail or in-person at

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    Division of Consumer Affairs
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Complaints can also be made by faxing the complaint form to (201) 336-6416, or by calling (201) 336-6400. Note that you will be required to identify the business complained of, describe the problem in detail, state what you want, and include copies of documents relevant to your complaint including receipts, warranties, checks, and contracts. However, because complaints can be subject to public disclosure under New Jersey's Open Public Records Act, it is advisable to exclude any sensitive personal information when filing a complaint. The Division of Consumer Affairs generally tries to work things out between both parties involved in complaint, after which it may institute disciplinary action against the professional or business. Note that actions taken by the Division are generally to protect the public interest and may not necessarily compensate for your losses. Therefore, if you intend to get damages from the culpable business, you may also consider hiring a private attorney and instituting legal action before the Passiac Small Claims Court, which has jurisdiction over civil suits involving $3,000 or less.

Finally, consumer complaints that include criminal allegations should be directed to the Paterson Police Department by calling (973) 321-1111 or by visiting

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