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Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Electrician in the City of Newark

Attempts to rectify electrical faults in your home should not be handled by yourself or some untrained hands. Malfunctions from electrical distribution or lighting equipment is the primary cause of home fires, causing an average of 32,000 home fires across the United States between 2015 to 2019. Therefore, it is a smart choice to hire a qualified electrician in Newark to fix your household electrical issues. These top professionals work in accordance with the Electrical Subcode for New Jersey and the National Electrical Code - these are standards that help guarantee correct installation or repair. However, before you settle for any electrician in the city, ask the following questions to determine the professional is the best hand for the job:

Are You Licensed to Practice as an Electrician in the City of Newark?

Per Section 45:5A-9 of the New Jersey Board of Examiners of Electrical Contractors Law, no person is allowed to perform electrical works unless such person has obtained the necessary license. Anyone who violates this law is guilty of a misdemeanor and may be asked to pay a maximum fine of $10,000. However, licenses are not required for electrical works that include testing, servicing, or repairing electrical equipment or apparatus, and minor repair works like replacing lamps and fuses. Also, homeowners do not need a license to perform electrical works in their own dwellings.

The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs Board of Examiners of Electrical Contractors is responsible for licensing and regulating electricians in the city of Newark. The Board issues electrical contractor licenses and journeyman electrician registrations to qualified individuals. To be registered as a journeyman electrician, interested persons must have acquired 8,000 hours of practical experience and 4,000 hours of this time must be within five years of the application. Additionally, they must have had a minimum of 576 classroom hours of related instructions. To obtain an electrical contractor license, interested persons must be at least 21 years old and hold a high school diploma or the equivalent. Additionally, interested applicants must have had at least five years of experience or have done one of the following:

  • Completed a four-year apprenticeship program
  • Qualified as a journeyman electrician with one year of practical experience
  • Earned a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering with two years of experience

Interested persons seeking a license from the Board who have satisfied the relevant requirements can proceed to apply online. However, all applicants must take and pass the necessary examinations and pay the required non-refundable licensing fees. Interested persons are also required to enter a $1,000 bond in favor of the State of New Jersey. Further inquiries regarding electrical license applications and registration can be made to the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA) at (888) 656-6225 for callers within New Jersey or (973) 424-8150 for callers outside the state.

To confirm an electrician's license, you can utilize the DCA's License Verification System or contact the Board at (973) 504-6410.

How Much Do You Charge Compared with Other Electricians in the City of Newark?

Homeowners encounter a lot of electrical issues at home where the help of a licensed electrician is needed. However, when they know the hourly charge of electricians near them they tend to budget adequately. A Newark electrician's average hourly rate is about $40.48. Nevertheless, the cost of electrical service majorly depends on the complexity of the job and the materials needed. Hence, it is advisable to get estimates from at least three electricians to hire someone who can complete your project at a fair price.

An electrician in the City of Newark earns $51,190 annually. Provided below is the annual mean wage of electricians in Newark and a comparison of these electricians' mean hourly wages with those of electricians in New Jersey as well as other major cities in the United States:

Newark Electricians Hourly Mean Wage
New Jersey Electricians Hourly Mean Wage
New York City Electricians Hourly Mean Wage
Chicago Electricians Hourly Mean Wage
Austin Electricians Hourly Mean Wage
Phoenix Electricians Hourly Mean Wage
Seattle Electricians Hourly Mean Wage
Source: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Do You Comply with the City of Newark Building Code for Electrical Works?

Before hiring any electrician for your electrical needs, ensure such electrician is conversant with the requisite Electrical Codes to minimize electrical-related risks and enhance safety. The Electrical Codes applicable in Newark City is a combination of the 2017 National Electrical Code and New Jersey Electrical Subcode. These Codes regulate all electrical works and related matters, including electrical wiring, overcurrent protection, grounding, and equipment installation within the city. Their purpose is to protect residents and their properties from hazards arising from the use of electricity. Violating these Codes can lead to penalties, including payment of fines, jail terms, and the disconnection of the relevant homeowner's electrical system.

Inquiries regarding the Electrical Codes can be directed to the Division of Codes and Standards of the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA) at (609) 292-7899.

Will You Get the Electrical Permit as Required by the City of Newark Code?

Section 45:5A-9 of the New Jersey Board of Examiners of Electrical Contractors Law states that no person is permitted to engage in any form of electrical work unless such person has secured a permit. However, permits are not needed for minor repair work, such as replacing lamps and fuses, connecting portable electrical appliances to suitable permanently installed electrical sockets, and any work with a potential of less than 10 volts. Doing electrical work without a permit is unlawful, and can lead to the disconnection of your electrical system.

The New Jersey Department of Community Affairs (DCA) Division of Codes and Standards is saddled with the responsibility of issuing electrical permits to homeowners or their hired electricians. To apply for an electrical permit, an applicant must pay the required fees and submit a completed electrical permit application form to:

City Hall
920 Broad Street
Newark, NJ 07102
Phone: (973) 733-5632

Interested applicants may be required to accompany their applications with two copies of electrical plans and specifications with clear and detailed dimensions to show the work to be done. Electrical permits are processed within 20 business days, and electrical work can commence after a permit has been issued. Afterward, the permittee is required to schedule an inspection with an electrical subcode official. This inspection is usually carried out to ensure that the work performed is in accordance with the relevant city codes. If the work is done accordingly, approval would be given by the subcode official, and if not, a violation notice would be sent to the permittee.

You can contact the New Jersey DCA Division of Codes and Standards at (609) 292-7899 if you have inquiries regarding permits and inspection.

What Kind of Electrical Services Do You Offer?

Electricians in Newark perform several electrical services, including electrical repairs, installations, alterations, erection, maintenance services, inspections, and test electrical equipment in commercial and residential buildings. The cost of these electrical services varies depending on the area of expertise and the nature of the work. For instance, hiring an electrical contractor can be more expensive than getting a journeyman electrician to work for you. This is because electrical contractors are generally more experienced than journeyman electricians. Hence, it is best to have a general knowledge of the cost of the electrical services you need, so you can be sure of who to hire and ascertain if the cost is within budget. Below are some common electrical services and their estimated costs in Newark:

Electrical fixture installation for 120v outlet
$191.70 - $221.40
Electrical fixture installation for 240v outlet
$225.00 - $350.00
Electrical fixture installation for mid-grade light switch
$225.00 - $350.00
Electrical panel/wiring installation for new 100-amp panel
$450.00 - $650.00
Electrical panel/wiring upgrade to 150 amps
$315.00 - $422.50
Electrical panel/wiring upgrade to 200 amps
$2,505 - $3,299.20
Electrical panel/wiring upgrade to 400 amps
$1,200.00 - $3,000.00
EV home charging station installation for 240 volts level 2 charger
$1,485.30 - $1,539.90
Residential electrical work
$100.30 - $127.90 per hour, plus parts and materials
Commercial electrical work
$116.40 - $139.30 per hour, plus parts and materials
Electrical work for home remodeling or addition
$117.00 - $136.30 per hour, plus parts and materials.

Do You Offer Emergency Electrical Services in the City of Newark?

All electrical problems in the home should be treated as emergencies because they pose a serious safety risk to homeowners and their families. Particularly, electrical problems can escalate easily and lead to burns, electrocution, shock, explosions, property damage, injury, or even death. Below are some electrical problems common in the home:

  • Flickering or incessantly dim lighting
  • Circuit break trips
  • Hot electrical outlets
  • Random shocks
  • Dead outlet caused by a tripped fuse or faulty wiring.
  • Power outages

If you notice any of the aforementioned electrical problems or more in your home, It is advisable to hire licensed and insured electricians to fix them immediately. You can find good electricians on third-party websites like Yelp and the Better Business Bureau. Regardless of how you contact an electrician, ensure you verify the electrician's license by checking the DCA's License Verification System or contacting the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs Board of Examiners of Electrical Contractors at (973) 504-6410 or via email.

Do You Carry the Necessary Insurance Policy for Electricians in the City of Newark?

Per section 45:5A-9.1 of the New Jersey Board of Examiners of Electrical Contractors Law, it is mandatory for electricians to secure and maintain a certificate of general liability insurance before performing any electrical work in the city of Newark. The minimum amount of this insurance is $300,000 for property damage and bodily injury.

It is recommended for you to always hire an insured electrician when you need to fix electrical problems in the home. This is because many unforeseen accidents can occur while a hired electrician repairs your home. For instance, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics recorded over 75,000 nonfatal work injuries in New Jersey in 2020, which includes electricians. In some cases, homeowners may be financially liable for these injuries and accidents. However, when you hire an insured electrician, the possibility of such liability is drastically reduced.

How to File a Complaint Against a Bad Electrician in the City of Newark

Every year, thousands of complaints about home improvement scams are reported to the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs (NJDCA). Between 2012 - 2021, the NJDCA secured more than $260 million from more than 2,300 successful prosecutions of consumer scam cases, with nearly $104 million yet to be collected. These statistics reveal how rampant home repair scams are in the State, including Newark City. Hence, homeowners are advised to protect themselves from falling victim to such scams when planning their electrical projects. Some methods utilized by these scammers include doing shoddy work, pressuring homeowners into hiring them for inexistent faults, and collecting large payments upfront but never completing the project. However, residents can protect themselves by following these tips:

  • Ask for written estimates from at least three contractors, and don't assume the lowest bidder is the best choice.
  • Get referrals from friends, family, and neighbors who have had good experiences with electricians near you.
  • Check reviews of electricians from the Better Business Bureau or other reputable online sources. Also, check if any complaints have been filed against them.
  • Verify that your electrician is duly licensed.
  • Ask for a written contract and read it thoroughly before signing it. Ensure the contract clearly states the electrical problem you want fixed, the duration of the project, and agreed pay.
  • Pay by check or credit card, as these are easily traceable than cash.
  • Don't pay a huge down payment and only pay in full when the work is completed and done to your satisfaction.

You can report electrical scams to the NJDCA's Office of Consumer Protection (OCP) online or print an English or a Spanish complaint form, and mail the completed form to:

New Jersey Office of the Attorney General
Division of Consumer Affairs
P.O. Box 45025
Newark, NJ 07101

When the NJDCA receives complaints, investigations are carried out to mediate between consumers and businesses. However, residents who are not satisfied with the efforts of the NJDCA can consult an attorney and consider instituting a small claims case against the relevant person or business at the Special Civil Part of the New Jersey Superior Court. Note that the maximum recoverable amount in a small claims case is $3,000.