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How to Verify a Professional's License in Jersey City?

The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs oversees 51 professional and occupational boards and committees that are responsible for the licensing of professionals in Jersey. Before you hire a professional in the city, you should verify that the professional has obtained the relevant professional license for the job. You can do this by using the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs license verification system. In addition to state licensing, building professionals operating in Jersey must also be duly licensed at the city level by the Jersey Office of the Construction Code Official before taking on any job. To verify the licensing status of professionals licensed by the Office of the Construction Code Official, contact the office at (201) 547-5055. You can also do this in person at:

  • City Hall Annex
  • 1 Jackson Square
  • Jersey City, NJ 07305

In addition to licensing, the Jersey Office of the Construction Code Official issues permits for various types of projects. If your intended project involves hiring building professionals, you must take steps to obtain any city-issued permits that may be necessary for this project. You can direct all your questions regarding the permitting process to the Office of the Construction Code Official at (201) 547-5055 or via email.

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Do Jersey Neighborhood Councils 
Issue Permits?

Jersey is made up of several neighborhoods, and the city's Resident Response Center (RRC) provides assistance to these neighborhoods. The Resident Response Center does not issue building permits to residents. However, it attends to resident concerns by finding ways to resolve them and improve the communities' quality of life. The RRC also sends notices of developmental projects to neighborhoods in the city through their various neighborhood associations, thereby giving them an avenue to express their concerns or support. For example, the Hamilton Park Neighborhood Association typically holds a meeting to decide the community feedback once it receives information on proposed developmental projects from the Rapid Resident Center. In September 2021, the Resident Response Center was nominated by Jersey City Mayor to receive the federal government allocated resources to support the city after Hurricane Ida. You can contact the Resident Response Center at (201) 547-4900 for information concerning your neighborhood or, you can visit the center in person at the following locations:

  • 280 Grove Street
  • Basement
  • Jersey City, NJ 07302
  • 4 Jackson Square
  • 39 Kearney Avenue
  • Jersey City, NJ 07305

How to File an Unfair Business 
Complaint in Jersey?

You can file complaints against businesses for unfair practices in Jersey with the Office of Consumer Protection of the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs. Before you file a complaint, you can utilize the File a Consumer Complaint Against a Business document for guidance. Complaints can be filed by taking any of the following steps:

  • Completing the online complaint form and uploading all scanned relevant supporting documents to the online portal;
  • Contacting the Division of Consumer Affairs at (973) 504-6200 to send the complaint form to you via mail;
  • Downloading and completing a paper complaint form. You can send the downloaded complaint form and all supporting documents to the address listed at top of the form.

Alternatively, to file a complaint against a Jersey professional with the Office of Consumer Protection, you can complete the online complaint form of the relevant professional board responsible for issuing a license to the professional. When the office receives your complaint, it will either investigate it or forward it to the appropriate agency for necessary actions. Note that even though the Office of Consumer Protection handles your complaint, it cannot give you legal advice or guarantee a refund from the subject of the complaint. However, you can retain the services of a lawyer to advise you on the proper legal action to take to get a refund, and you can use the lawyer referral services provided by the Hudson County Bar Association to find lawyers near you. If your claim is not more than $5000, you can file a Jersey small claims action at the New Jersey Small Claims Court located at:

  • William Brennan Courthouse
  • 583 Newark Avenue
  • Jersey City, NJ 07306

You can utilize the resources provided by this court to help you with your small claims action.