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How to Verify a Professional's License in Elizabeth?

The New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs regulates and licenses over 750, 000 professionals in Elizabeth and across New Jersey through 51 Occupational and Professional Boards and Committees. If you want to embark on a project, hiring a professional regulated by any of these boards or committees is a good way to ensure that the project is executed to a high standard. You can confirm the registration status of a professional you intend to hire by visiting the license verification portal maintained by the Division.

In addition to license requirements, certain projects might require that you obtain local permits as well. For example. If you intend to carry out some construction or building-related projects, you will need to obtain a permit from Elizabeth's Construction Department. You can apply for a permit online or you can call the Department at (908) 820-4093 to find out more information on permits.

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Do Elizabeth Neighborhood Councils
Issue Permits?

Elizabeth is made up of various neighborhoods whose residents come together to form neighborhood organizations and groups to foster the development of their different neighborhoods and contribute to citywide initiatives for better living standards across the city. However, these associations and groups do not have any authority to issue building-related permits to residents or any other persons. On 11th October 2021, the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission announced that a new licensing facility will be opened in Elizabeth 10 years after the last facility was closed in the city. The new facility will serve residents of Union County and will be a licensing center capable of processing over 1,000 applications in a week. Earlier in July 2021, a New Jersey State Court had ordered that the $145 million project for the consolidation of the government administrative building at 61-99 West Grand Street be put on hold due to a failure to properly carry out the bidding process.

How to File an Unfair Business
Complaint in Elizabeth?

If you have been the victim of unfair, unlawful, or deceptive business practices in Elizabeth, you may file a complaint with either the Union County Office of Consumer Affairs or the New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs (NJDCA). You can file a complaint with the Union County Office of Consumer Affairs online using the report form maintained for that purpose. However, you will need to send any supporting documents by mail to the County office at

  • Union County Consumer Affairs
  • 300 North Avenue East
  • Westfield, NJ 07090

After your complaint is received, it is assigned to an investigator who contacts the business complained of and seeks to find a resolution. If there have been other complaints against the particular business, legal action might be instituted by the office, but you should note that this is not a private legal action on your behalf and the business cannot be compelled to make restitution to you.

Alternatively, you may choose to file your complaint with the NJDCA against a business, licensed professionals or to report unlicensed activity. You can make a complaint to the Division by completing its online complaint form, which should be accompanied by any supporting documents you have. If you cannot complete the complaint form online, you can download a printable complaint form, which is to be sent, alongside any supporting documents, to the division at

  • New Jersey Division of Consumer Affairs
  • P.O. Box 45025
  • Newark, New Jersey 07101

Note that the Division cannot compel a business to take a course of restitutory action. However, if it is decided that a professional has breached some regulations or laws, disciplinary action may be taken against such a professional. If you are unsatisfied with the result of the complaint process, you can still proceed to a Union County Courthouse to file an action against the business.